Memorial Ceremonies

The situation created by the pandemic has changed the way we live – and die.

We all know that dealing with the death of someone we love is often the hardest event we have to deal with, and the situation we are currently going through makes it even more difficult.

For many, an appropriate funeral helps towards the process of grieving, not only with a fitting ceremony, but also with the very important opportunity to share our grief with family and friends, and find some comfort in their love and sympathy.
Lock-down measures have changed our traditional customs, and many people have not had the opportunity to say a proper good-bye to the ones they have lost.

Memorial events can be held at a later date, and we can plan an occasion when families and friends can get together to join in a ceremony celebrating the life of the loved one, to say a proper farewell, share memories, hug, laugh and cry.
Our skill in High Spirits is in our shared life experience of knowing the pain and grief at the death of someone we love.  Our ability to create a ceremony that is beautiful, unique and meaningful is our gift in these often troubled times.
 If you would like to discuss and arrange such a ceremony, please contact us. It would be our honour to support you in your grief in this small but very special way.