Questions and Answers

Choosing an independent celebrant means that:

  • Your ceremony would be totally unique and personal to you.
    You design your own ceremony with or without our help, there are no rules, no prescribed words to say. 
  • You get to include who you want, and what role (if any) they will play during the ceremony. 
  • You can have any singing, dancing, music you like…
  • You choose the style, from traditional to entirely personal: there is a whole range of beautiful symbolic rituals for example:

Ring warming 

Unity Candles

Rose ceremony                                      

Sand ceremony

Hand Fasting

Jumping the broom… or anything you can think of !

  • You choose the location


Celebrate your union and your commitment to each other exactly as you want, in a joyful and relaxed manner.

Ultimately the day should be beautiful and relaxed with no pressure on you or anyone to do anything other than bath in the beautiful energy that is created in the moment.  A day that will never be forgotten.